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I have butchered the name of MLP:FiM, all in the name of making a flash game for school. I've never even used AS2 before :/

The game is broken. But i spent a bajillion hours on this code-choked crap so i'm putting it on the internet anyway.

Maybe one day i'll fix it up...HA!

All apologies and copyrights go to Lauren Faust and some other people.

EDIT: This game will never be completed as i no longer have the source files that made it. Apologies.

EDIT EDIT: Comments disabled because this thing is years old and i no longer wish to hear requests for finishes or comments on how its broken or something. This was not put up as a service to you it was put up as posterity of something i worked on in high school for grades.
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.